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Network to Support Psychology Internships through Resources & Expertise

Resources don't grow on trees... Or do they?

Network to Support Psychology Internships through Resources & Expertise (NSPIRE) is a members-only professional network and resource hub for doctoral psychology internship Training Directors and Faculty.

Providing high-quality doctoral internship training requires significant faculty time and resources. NSPIRE was designed with training directors in mind: The goal is to decrease burden on training faculty and staff, and increase access to quality training resources and opportunities for your trainees.

NSPIRE is here when you need us - whether it’s professional training options for interns (didactics) or consultation and problem-solving challenging administrative or intern personnel situations. NSPIRE makes it easy to access resources and consultation support that has immediate utility and value to your internship training program throughout the year.

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An NSPIRE Program Membership that includes network access for all of your training faculty costs only $500 annually! 

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Annual memberships run from August through July of each year and automatically renew on August 1st. Don't wait to join! Membership costs are prorated quarterly so programs can join at any time.


NSPIRE’s professional content, trainings, and platform are administered by Clover Educational Consulting Group. The mission of Clover is to improve the mental health of the community through advances in policy, workforce, and training. Clover’s team of expert consultants has supported the development and/or accreditation of over 130 psychology internship programs and is a trusted consultant of APPIC and the APA.